It is a pleasure for the Devecan family to continue growing and having the best professionals in the sector within the Devecan team. The purpose of all this is to be able to offer our clients a complete turnkey 360 service, from obtaining the genetic material, through the design of the process, its security, its quality system and its certification.

On this occasion we incorporate two great collaborators that we detail below.

Phytoplant Research S.L.

It is a research, development and technological innovation company in the entire value chain of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Since 2008 and with an applied science approach, it has been a pioneer in the sector as it is the first company authorized to research with Cannabis Sativa L. by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

Phytoplant has created one of its own first programs for the varietal improvement of Cannabis Sativa L. in Europe, in order to obtain legal varieties cultivated to generate products of pharmacological and industrial interest, working in the integral production chain, from the gene to the final product.

Its full-chain orientation allows Phytoplant to connect its own agricultural research teams working on the genetic variability of the plant, with researchers in extraction and purification process technology to obtain cannabinoids of pharmacological interest and other products derived from the plant. All Phytoplant research developments, plant varieties and patents, are transferred to the sector in the form of an intellectual property exploitation license.

Phytoplant Research S.L. is committed to quality, safety and innovation in the entire range of its products and services.

efc Spain

It is the first company in the world to offer a complete certification consulting solution through the unique Dynamic Certification system that translates into the generation of value, maximization of profits and the reduction of internal costs together with the management of reputational risks.

In compliance with the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency HMPC commission, the cultivation, collection and primary processing of plants that have an ultimate purpose of medicinal use, must be carried out according to the legal requirements of the community and country in which the activities are carried out, including the Cannabis cultivation since September 2020.

For this, it is necessary the evaluation and supervision of agricultural practices in aspects related to personnel, hygiene, facilities, equipment, documentation, and specific aspects of crops such as the propagation, use of fertilizers and pesticides or irrigation, harvesting and primary processing, which includes such stages as washing, freezing and drying of the collected material.

efcSpain is the only company in the world that certifies new agricultural practices following the European guidelines opting for the quality for both the company and the consumer, by complying with these European guidelines, guaranteeing complete traceability and sustainable production.

The Devecan Team does not stop growing...

As you will see, at Devecan, your expert in medicinal, cannabis, we continue working day by day to make your project come true, in a global way. We have experts and leading companies within the Devecan team specialized in the different parts of the project, to make easier the implementation, and with these two new incorporations, we continue to close the circle.

Welcome to the Devecan group!


Laura Taibo
GMP Consultant