On March 18 we will be present at the Medicinal Cannabis Webinar organized within the Farmaforum cycle. This seventh edition will discuss the opportunity that the medicinal use of cannabis represents for the industry and all the applications that this entails.

We find ourselves in an environment in which more and more countries regulate the use of medicinal cannabis and in which the removal of this substance from the the United Nations list Schedule IV of narcotics and the evidence of its usefulness in multiple therapeutic targets represents an ideal moment for its development with therapeutic purposes. Within this environment, Spain is an ideal place for the development of this industry, assuming a great business and wealth-generating opportunity. This is produced by being an environment with scientific quality and with the appropriate climatic conditions, in addition to the specific agronomic knowledge and developed and experienced industrial suppliers.

In this webinar we will address the conditions from all sides of the opportunity and specifically from the licensing processes and development of the activity, as well as taking the perspective from the successful example of this development in Portugal. Discover the speakers of the Webinar on Medicinal Cannabis.


Enrique Corral
Director of Business Development.

Araceli Manjón
Professor of Criminal Law and General Secretary of the Complutense University. Former Magistrate of the National Court. Former General Director of the National Plan on Drugs.

Manuel Guzmán
PhD and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid

José Antonio de la Puente General Director of Alcaliber and Linneo.

Cristina Neves 
Senior Consultant for Regulatory Affairs & GMP Compliance

Bernardo Soriano
CEO at Sofer Abogados

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